My list of shortcuts

Hi All,

Some people ask my how I can write lots of code in just a few minutes. Well shortcuts is mostly my trick. Here is a list of Short keys I use ( I have the Visual C# 2005 mapping):

  1. ALT+SHIFT+C --> Create new Class, you always create classes so why not use this?
    ALT+F12--> Inline go to definition, very handy! To close just hit escape :)
  2. CTRL+K+S --> Surround with... Handy when wrapping a piece of code with a loop, if statement whatever..
  3. CTRL+K+R--> Find all references. Handy to use when you want to check all related code
  4. CTRL+K+C --> Comment selected code
  5. CTRL+K+U --> Uncomment selected code
  6. CTRL+K+T --> Call Hierarchy who calls the method en what the method calls
  7. CTRL+K+I --> get information/documentation of selected class, method etc..

And a list of snippets

Creating auto properties:
prop TAB+TAB

Creating properties with private field
propfull TAB+TAB

Creating constructor
ctor TAB+TAB

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