About me

Stephan Oomen

Hi! My name Stephan Oomen and I grew up in the western region of The Nederlands. I started Web development from early age starting with HTML, JavaScript and a little bit of CSS

Together with an old friend we started working on a fansite for Linkin Park, I loved the music of Linkin Park and wanted to make that public. With the knowledge I had on HTML we started working on a site. Except that every page was really repetetive, so we started looking at PHP Scripting. Started using includes of content when navigating a certain page.

It was really cool to see the website growing in a technology I never had my hands on. Improving the site by creating a contact page and implementing a guestbook.

Years later I started at school with a study on System Engineer and slowly noticed that I still have a bit left of creating websites. Using Flash, PHP, HTML and JavaScript we needed to create a personal site with work that we had done.

After gratuating on the System Engineer study, I started on a study of System Administrator. Within a few years I got the possiblity to speed up my study by starting my internship for 1 day a week as an administrator on school. During my study I needed to create a web project with some classmates. I got the feeling back of creating websites, it still gets to me to see a website grow in complexity and usage of visitors.

Besides that is that me and a friend from school started a organization to host LAN Parties and made a website for it so people can register for the events that we host.

After that I knew what to do, I went to I-Company to get a job, and what do you know? I got it! I-Company is a company that works with ASP.NET on the .NET Framework. After I knew that I started converting the website we made for the LAN Party organization into an ASP.NET Application. From there I proposed to the company I wanted to work on ASP.NET projects to improve my skills. I already had some knowledge on HTML, JavaScript and CSS and I used this knowledge to maintain websites alone without the need of another. A few years later I finished my study on System Administrator and started working full time at I-Company. I told them I wanted to be more into the Programming part and became really good at it.

I have worked over 30 projects at I-Company with different types of Content Management Applications (e.g. DotNetNuke, Umbraco, EPiServer), Custom made, Windows Azure Web applications, (Web) Services, Campaigns and many more.

I am specialized in Web Development and Programming. A Microsoft Certified Professional and recently been Sitecore Web Developer certified.

Personal information

Name Stephan Oomen
Birthdate 19-11-1988 (29 years)
Currently located Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands


Content Management DotNetNuke, Umbraco, MCMS, Magento, WordPress, Sitecore, EPiServer
Programming C# .NET 1.1-4.5, PHP, WCF, AJAX, MVC, Entity Framework, XML, ASP.NET, SignalR
Scripting and Markup JavaScript, KnockoutJS, AngularJS, (X)HTML(1.1/4/5), CSS3
Databases MySql, MsSql (2000 / 2005 / 2008 / 2012)